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Vermont Girls Basketball Tournaments

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Upcoming tournaments:

Dates Invitation Tournament Games Location Cost
May  2-3, 2015 AAU  .4th-11thD1/D2 VT Girls AAU State Championships 3+ Burlington,  VT  $425  
May  2-3, 2015 ALL  .4th-11thA/B Spartans 4th Annual Invitational 3+ Castleton,  VT  $335  
May  9-10, 2015 AAU  .6-12A/B/C Thunderbirds Invitational 4 Rutland,  VT  $325  
May  9-10, 2015 ALL  .4-12A/B/C ZERO GRAVITY's Run for the Races 3+ Saratoga Springs, NY,  VT  $335  
May  16-17, 2015 ALL  .4-12A/B/C Zero Gravity KOLLISION in KEENE 4 Keene, NH,  VT  $335  
May  16-17, 2015 AAU  .U11-U17A/B Jacket Classic VIII 4 Milton,  VT  $425  
May  17, 2015 ALL  .4th-11thA/B Granite City Shootout 2 Barre,  VT  $195  
May  23-24, 2015 AAU  .5th-12thA/B Commotion by the Ocean 4 Rhode Island/ MA,  VT  $435  
May  30-31, 2015 ALL  .4-12thA/B Carolina Classic 3+ Troy, NY,  VT  $250  
May  30-31, 2015 ALL  .4th-12thA/B/C ZERO GRAVITY VT Queen of the Mountain 3+ Burlington,  VT  $295  
Jun  5-7, 2015 ALL  .4-12A/B/C ZERO GRAVITY Girls National FINALS 4+ Metrowest/South Shore, MA,  VT  $465  
Jun  6-7, 2015 AAU  .4th-11thA/B VT Maple Syrup Classic 4 Burlington,  VT  $425  
Jun  20, 2015 AAU  .7th-11thA/B Northeast Slam & Jam 3 Burlington,  VT  $295  
Jun  27-28, 2015 ALL  .4th-12thA/B Hoops for Hope 3+ Bennington,  VT  $250  
Jul  11-12, 2015 ALL  .4th-12thA/B 3rd Annual Battle of the Borders 4+ Bennington,  VT  $300  


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