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New York Girls Basketball Tournaments

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Upcoming tournaments:

Dates Invitation Tournament Games Location Cost
Dec  27-28, 2014 ALL  .3-12A/B/C Santa Slam 2+ Madison, NJ -FDU,  NY  $225  
Dec  27-28, 2014 ALL  .4-6A/B/C Holiday Hoopfest 3+ Binghamton,  NY  $175  
Dec  27-28, 2014 ALL  .4-8A/B/C Snowball Classic 3+ Rensselaer,  NY  $195  
Jan  9-11, 2015 ALL  .3-8A/B/C 12th Annual Christopher's Challenge 4 Rochester,  NY  $225  
Feb  21-22, 2015 ALL  .4-6A/B/C 28th Annual Slim Sylvester Tournament 3+ Binghamton,  NY  $200  
Mar  28-29, 2015 AAU  .5-11A/B Hoopfest Classic - 2nd Annual 3 Johnson City,  NY  $350  
Apr  11-12, 2015 AAU  .4-12A/B Falcon Spring Slam 4 Saratoga Springs,  NY  $395  
Apr  11-12, 2015 AAU  .U10-U19A/B RAP Showdown in BTOWN 3+ Rochester/Batavia,  NY  $395  
Apr  24-25, 2015 ALL  .5-12A/B Spring Fling 3+ Troy,  NY  $280  
Apr  25-26, 2015 ALL  .3th-12thA/B/C NYC Queens and Kings of the Hill Classic 4 Corona,  NY  $395  
May  2-3, 2015 ALL  .4-11A/B/C Off The Glass Showcase 3 Elmira/Corning,  NY  $275  
May  30-31, 2015 ALL  .4-11A/B/C 3rd Annual ROC City Cager Classic 3 Rochester,  NY  $275  
Jun  6-7, 2015 ALL  .3rd-12thA/B/C NYC Showcase Showdown 4 Corona,  NY  $395  
Jul  28-29, 2015 ALL  .6-12A/B Big Apple TOC 4 Bronx,  NY  $500  


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